School Council Minutes




School council met together in February to meet Miss Anderson who has now taken over running the School Council.

Focus of the meeting: to complete a survey of how to improve the local park.

The School Council, with every member present, completed a survey on Stanningley park. We discussed what we used the park for and what we think could be done to improve the park for children and residents in the local area. Our ideas have been submitted to Leeds City Council. We are looking forward to hearing what will change and improve in the park in the near future!


School Council also ran a whole school assembly about how to keep safe online.


Focus of the meeting: fundraising

School Council have met several times this month to discuss how we can raise money for our whole school trip to Bridlington to reduce the costs for parents.


School Council decided to sell popcorn and juice after researching what foods would give us a high profit margin.

We then created a variety of flavours of popcorn and decided which ones we wanted to 

sell e.g. sweet and sour, chocolate, paprika and curry.

We then sold our favourite flavours over 

2 play times and raising an impressive £120!   


Homeless Hampers.

   Homeless Hampers is a non profit local campaign for those without a home in the Yorkshire region.

They provide essentials in the form of hampers to those who are in shelters or

 on the streets; some of the most vulnerable people in the Leeds community.

So School Council decided to support this fantastic cause and  helped prepare an impressive 67 bags of toiletries and goods to give to the homeless. We thank every one for their donations to this fantastic cause.


Fundraising: The Easter Tombola

The Easter tombola, which was held at the beginning of last week and during the Easter disco, raised £116 towards our trip.

After our fundraising efforts we now have nearly £600 towards our Bridlington trip!



School Council have been very busy again already in May.


We have discussed the school’s clubs and conducted a survey with a sample of children from each year group. We are now going to present our findings to Mrs Kirkwood to implement the changes we would like for next year. These changes are: more clubs on offer, for clubs to run for less time so we can attend more clubs, and for Years 1 and 2 to attend clubs together, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6.


Sports Leaders 

We have also been discussing Sports Leaders as this was brought up in a recent meeting as something which needs improving in the school. School Council surveyed the Sports Leaders outside to firstly see if they were doing their job and if not, why.

We then asked the Year 6 if they would like to participate and for those that did not, we have chosen Year 5 pupils to take their place.

We will be monitoring this closely to ensure the Sports Leaders run this effectively now.


We are also making and selling buns next week to raise money for Bridlington. We will keep you updated on how much we raise!


This month we have been checking on Sports Leaders with Year 5 running it and this has been a success. Everyone in the playground is now happy with this and the new Sports Leaders which is fantastic!

We have also reallocated the use of outdoor equipment and activities to ensure each year group as a fair share. This has meant Year 5 are now much happier J

We have also negotiated getting the white lines repainted on the football field and for sports day. We also managed to get the grass cut too.

Through our fundraising efforts this year we have managed to raise an impressive £1209.35 towards our Bridlington trip! Thank you to Year 3 and Mrs Chidsey for selling ice lollies which also contributed to this amazing total too.