Governing Board

Schools have a Governing Body which consists of representatives who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. These representatives are called Governors and are people from the local community, local authority, parents and staff. Karon Wittman, Head teacher is also part of the Governing Body.
The Governing Body has responsibilities to help lead and manage the School. For example decision making about changes to School policies, Ofsted recommendations, budgets, premises and resources.
All Governors meet together on a termly basis to discuss all matters relating to the School. Other committees, looking specifically at Teaching and Learning & Pupil Support and Resources, take place regularly during term. Governors also visit School classes, participate in events and support other activities. Some Governors also had specific responsibilities and class allocations - click here for further information.
Governors are the largest volunteer workforce in the UK and have an important part to play in raising school standards. We would like to introduce you to our School’s governors and the type of representative they are:
  • Karon Wittmann, Headteacher
  • Kath Halliday, Chair of Governors/Local Authority representative
  • Louise Sanderson, Vice Chair of Governors/Co-opted representative
  • Andy Beasley, Co-opted representative
  • Paul Sayner, Co-opted representative
  • Jo Purdie-Cole, Co-opted represenative
  • Fiona Kirkwood, Staff representative 
  • Shari Thompson, Parent represenative
  • Wendy Rhodes, Co-opted representative

    Governor Declaration of Interest
    None registered

Governors can be contacted via School.

Please note that in line with national changes School has recently reviewed their governing body membership in line with the new constitution. Going forward Summerfield Primary School will have a governing body consisting of 10 members (1 x Headteacher, 5 x co-opted members, 2 x parents, 1 x staff member and 1 x Local Authority representative).
We are currently recruiting in order to fill one vacancy.