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Marvellous Music w/c 21st June 2020

Hello Year 5!

On this page, you will find ideas for things you can do at home. 

This page is very much a work in progress and will be updated weekly.

Please keep in contact via Class Dojo. You can message me (Miss Newton) directly, see regular updates on the class story, post likes, comments and view pictures and videos. You can also send me examples of things you have done and I can upload these to the website with your permission.

Most importantly of all, please stay safe.

29.6.2020 Update: see below for additional maths activities on addition and subtraction,  English Greek Myth activities Science various investigations to have a go at, don't forget to look at the History units at the bottom of the page on The Ancient Greeks and the Olympics.

BBC daily lessons - starting 20th April. They cover 3 lessons a day: Maths, English + one other. Please note, history and geography content will not be the same as what we would be studying normally. Schools choose which topics they cover in which year. The BBC have chosen Ancient Egypt for example. Do this if you wish to. Other history resources will be added on this page at a later date.

PE - why not start the day with Joe Wicks at 9am? 


Or Just Dance videos also on Youtube? Great way to get going each morning!

Well-being activities.

There are some great ideas here of things you can do on your own or with your family. 


Oak National Academy - online mainstream lessons. Choose your year group or the subject you are interested in. Video lessons and resources.

Reading - Please keep reading as much as you can. It helps you escape what is going on around you. Audible (online service) are making 100s of children's books available for free whilst you are stuck at home. 


Writing - more creative writing opportunities

Summer 1 Writing Links

Summer 2

29.6.20 Ancient Greek Myths

As you read/listen, fill in this table for 3 myths you enjoy.

Read about different Ancient Greek Myths here:  https://www.greekmyths4kids.com/

Listen to different Ancient Greek Myths here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/ks2-ancient-greece/zk73nrd

Draw the monsters - read the descriptions and draw what you think the monster looks like

Writing activities

Design your own mythical creature

Myths Maker - generate heroes, magical objects and settings. You could even add your own wheel of mythical creatures.

https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/resource/catch-it-ks2-activity-pack Watch "Catch It" on the Literacy Shed Website, Youtube or Vimeo. Activities

https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/resource/once-in-a-lifetime-ks2-activity-pack Watch "Once in a Lifetime" on the Literacy Shed Website, Youtube or Vimeo. Activities

Creative Writing Prompts 1

Year 5/6 Spellings Word Mat




Continue to use Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars.

On Mathletics, I will set at least 3 activities to do for each week. You can also access the resource booklets. Click on Learn/Select a Topic/on the right hand side of the screen scroll down and you will see a work book. Series F corresponds to Year 5. You can print these, or just use them on the screen and write your answers down.

These are the objectives and the order in which you need to do them. The links will take you to the relevant folders of activities which you will need to download.

Maths links from Summer 1 on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Maths links from Summer 2 on Fractions Decimals and Percentages

15.6.20: Angles

29.6.20 Addition (2 decimal places)

Subtraction (3 digits and decimals)

If you can't print the activities, don't worry. Do what you can in the exercise book we provided and view the questions on your tablet/phone/laptop/computer etc.

White Rose Maths - have created a 12 week unit of work to get ready for September. Click on the link and select Year 5.


Lots of investigations to try out - take a look!





Science Links (Life Cycles) - previous

Science Links (Forces) - previous


Here you will find a range of activities looking at plastic pollution. Feel free to use other online resources too.

Design your own recycling poster


Reading comprehension activity - easy to hard.


Range of resources



Normally, we would have started our unit on the Ancient Greeks.

On Twinkl, they have compiled a vast amount of resources for you to access. Follow the link below and choose from a range of cross-curricular activities.


The Olympics





https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-t-252251-home-learning-olympics-activity-pack - based on the Rio Olympics 2016