Hello Year 5!

On this page, you will find ideas for things you can do at home. 

This page is very much a work in progress and will be updated weekly.

Please keep in contact via Class Dojo. You can message me (Miss Newton) directly, see regular updates on the class story, post likes, comments and view pictures and videos. You can also send me examples of things you have done and I can upload these to the website with your permission.

Most importantly of all, please stay safe.

Music - Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Reading - Please keep reading as much as you can. It helps you escape what is going on around you. Audible (online service) are making 100s of children's books available for free whilst you are stuck at home. 


Also...we were part way through reading "The Legend of the Hero Twins." Below you will find part 1 (which we have already read, but read it again to refresh your memory) and parts 2 and 3. Activities to follow

Legend of the Hero Twins Part 1 - text  Part 1 activities and questions

Legend of the Hero Twins Part 2 - text Part 2 activities and questions

Legend of the Hero Twins Part 3 - text  Part 3 activities and questions

Writing - more creative writing opportunities

https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/resource/a-cloudy-lesson-ks2-activity-pack Watch "A Cloudy Lesson" using the Literacy Shed website, Youtube or Vimeo. Activities

https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/resource/the-clock-tower-ks2-activity-pack Watch "The Clock Tower" using the Literacy Shed website or other sites as above. Activities


On Mathletics, I will set at least 3 activities to do for each week. You can also access the resource booklets. Click on Learn/Select a Topic/on the right hand side of the screen scroll down and you will see a work book. Series F corresponds to Year 5. You can print these, or just use them on the screen and write your answers down.

I have included the link for twinkl - a website with lots of free resources for homelearning. Look for the Year 5 Fractions - learning from home pack. If you can't print the activities, don't worry. Do what you can in the exercise book we provided and view the questions on your tablet/phone/laptop/computer etc.



Take a look at the BBC Bitesize section on Gravity - use the links you were given for home learning to find other resources (there is an electronic copy of this on the homepage of the website)


Try this experiment out to investigate air resistance - hint: to help the spinner fall add a paper clip to the base of it so that the flaps don't unfold!

Paper Spinner Investigation

Friction, Air and Water Resistance - here are some more clips, activies and games using the BBC bitesize website


Water Resistance Investigation - you will need some plastecine for this investigation! 

Car Ramp Investigation - decide what you are going to change - the height of the ramp or the surface of the ramp. You can use all sorts of things in your house for this (but check with an adult first!) Decide how you are going to measure how far the car can travel. Do you have a tape measure, or use check points like counters?