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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Remote Learning Monday 28th June

Remote Learning Monday 28th June

Remote Learning Monday 28th June 2021

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page

This page will be updated daily during the isolation period. 

Remember to check Class Dojo and Parent Mail for regular updates.

Timetable for Monday. 

Please send evidence of learning to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

A range of websites can be found on the Remote Learning Tab at the very top of this page for additional activities.


Live Lesson @11am on Teams


Task 1: Spelling - check Purple Mash. A 2Do has been set

Task 2: Watch the short video below. Think about how the man's emotions change through the clip. Why does this happen?

Task 3: Imagine that you found the black hole. Would you use it for good or bad? Writing using the 1st person (I/me) explain what you did with it and why.

You can choose how to evidence this - on the computer like on purple mash, or handwritten and take a picture.


Worksheet - have a go at these challenges relating to money. 

Please make sure you have completed your mathletics learning as well.



During the Trojan war, the Greeks played a devious trick on the people of the city of Troy. 

They built a gigantic wooden horse and left it at the city gates. Inside the horse, were a team of their best soldiers who were ready to jump out and fight.

Watch this clip to learn more

Task: Write a diary entry as one of the soldiers who was inside the horse. Think about how they felt whilst waiting inside the horse - remember they have been part of this war for the best part of 10 years! What happened when they jumped out once they were inside the city walls?
You can choose to do this on Purple Mash or handwritten - your choice. You might want to draw a picture too!

For those not returning to school on Tuesday

Other remote learning activities for individuals needing an extended self isolation period this week. Select one English, one Maths and one "other" each day and send evidence to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk.
These are not organised as a daily task as isolation periods may vary.
Activities will be added and dated for your information.
Measuring lines(requires printing) added 29.6.21
Measuring in cm and mm (requires printing) added 29.6.21
Rocket rounding click on the link to play the game. added 29.6.21
Myth planning sheet added 29.6.21
Create a poster advertising your favourite book. (added 29.6.21)
Order the numbers       Answers added 29.6.21