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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Remote Learning: The Choice Is Yours

Remote Learning: The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours.

The Choice is Yours (1hr)

The 'Choice is Yours' session must last at least an hour. Your activity may take a couple of weeks (depending on what you pick). You can select an activity from the Year 6 Remote Learning Tab – ‘The Choice is Yours’ on our here; from the Remote Learning websites (tab at the top of our school website page) or complete an activity you have found yourself.

You can also mix and match the activities (complete more than one).

The pdfs will also be sent via Class Dojo.

Have fun!

Please send photographs of your learning to: year6@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

Twinkl - Away from the Screen Activities

Pobble - Non Screen Activities

Pobble - More Non Screen Activities

Pobble - Even More Non Screen Activities

Popple - Non Screen Activities - Earth

 Kitchen Science Activities

Cross Curricular 'The Choice is Yours' Activities