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Summerfield Primary School

Welcome to the Summerfield Primary School website

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The new school term starts on Monday the 6th September 2021. Please click the link above to find out any relevant information regarding school opening. 

Remote Learning for individuals

Remote Learning for individuals

Remote Learning

If your child is self isolating from school, please use the following to help with remote learning. Use the days as appropriate, and if you need any support, please contact Miss Newton on ClassDojo.

Children can record their learning on Purple Mash or on paper.

Purple Mash - go to English/2Publish Plus/ and then they can choose how they want to present their learning. Please let me know where they have saved it!

On Paper - please take a photo and send on ClassDojo.

Day 1


Look at this picture

Answer these questions using your imagination:
1) Where is it from?
2) Why is it so small?
3) Are there more like him?
4) Where does he live?
Please write in full sentences – paragraphs where possible.


Warm up - times table rock stars.

Complete any mathletics not done.

Place Value worksheet 1


Watch this video about WW1 - answer the true or false questions that appear.

Describe the conditions in the trenches. You can make a poster or a booklet/leaflet with illustrations if you would like to.

Day 2


Write a guide/leaflet about the small dragon. You need to write a description, explain how to look after it and give any warnings or fun facts! Remember, use your imagination!


Warm Up  - Purple Mash/Mathematics/Games/Bond Bubbles

Ordering numbers


Have a go at following these instructions to draw a soldier. It is a more modern soldier than what we are learning about but I am sure you will do a fantastic job! Remember, to take your time and pause the video every few seconds.

Day 3


Task 1: Think of as many different words for small as you can.
Task 2: Write a story about the “small” dragon – you may want to entertain or scare! If you take a photo of your writing and send it to me, I will read it out to the class.


Warm Up - Times Table Rock Stars

Comparing numbers


Purple Mash/Computing/2Code/Choose any of the Chimp activities.

Day 4


Task 1: Practise these spellings: aisle, isle, aloud, allowed, herd, heard, past, passed.
Task 2: Find a definition for each one and use it in a sentence.
Task 3: Create a poster using images or symbols for each word.


Warm Up - Purple Mash/Mathematics/Games/Dividers

Rounding worksheet


Life Cycles - watch the videos and complete the quiz at the end. 

Day 5


Polar Bears - non chronological report

Checklist - look at this document and write down examples for each of the features. 

Fascinating facts - write down any facts you have learned about Polar Bears!


Silent letter words - environment, foreign, leisure, vegetable, yacht, rhyme, rhythm, parliament, queue, stomach, vehicle


Warm up - Mathletics and TTR

Roman Numerals - use the information at the top of the sheet to help you.


Create your own well being box.

Ideas and explanation

Day 6


Create a mindmap for Eddie the Tortoise - what do you know about him? Draw a picture of Eddie in the middle of your page and add information around. You can use a mixture of images and words to show your learning.


Purple Mash - play Funky Platform (Games/Maths)

4 digit addition Complete questions 1-12


Watch this video about the poppy and why it is important in our remembrance of WW1.

Choose one of these activities to create your own picture using poppies.

Day 7


Practise your spellings - see day 5.

Write a paragraph to describe Eddie the tortoise (at least 4 sentences).

Write a paragraph about how to look after Eddie (at least 4 sentences).

Write a paragraph about Eddie's behaviour - what does he like to do? (at least 4 sentences)


Warm Up - Times table rock stars

Multi-step Word Problems


Research bees - what is their life cycle? What are the different types of roles that bees take on?

Why are bees so important?

Choose how to share your learning - you can write/draw or use purple mash.

Day 8