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Summerfield Primary School

Welcome to the Summerfield Primary School website.  

Please find a link to our school calendar. here

On Tuesday the 16th of July, at 1.30pm, our Y6 children will be performing 'The Peace Child'.

Thursday the 18th of July is 'Transition Day'. Children will spend the day with their new teacher and support staff.

On Friday the 19th of July, 'Leeds Urban Planning' will be carrying out a workshop with our Y5 and Y6 children.

Our Y6 children will have their end of year celebration on Friday the 19th of July after school.

The last day of this half term is Tuesday the 23rd of July. We return to school on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2024.

School Council

School Council



Inez Kubinska

Year 6

My name is Inez, I wanted to be part of the School Council because I am kind, caring and good with younger children. I like to make children new and old feel safe and comfortable with the school surroundings.


Maximilian Jano

Year 6


I wanted to be a School Councillor because I'm caring, supportive and a good role model in school.


 Patryk Kozlowski

Year 5

my name is Patryk I became part of the school council because my peers voted for me. I think I will enjoy it because you get the chance to help make decisions for the school.




Aluya Osarogiagbon

Year 5

I wanted to be school councillor because I like helping people and I think it's a good opportunity for me to show what a good role model looks like. 

 Tommy Lawrence

Year 4  

I wanted to be part of the school council because I haven't been it before and I would like to help the school make changes they may need. I think I will really enjoy being a representative for year 4


 Ella Lunn

Year 4

 My name is Ella I was voted to be our class representative by the people in my class. I like to help people be happy and I can comfort them when they are sad.




 Luca- Jay Foster

Year 3


  Rosie Whitley

Year 3

 I am called Rosie I wanted to be in the School council because I haven't been in it before. I am kind, caring and a good listener.

 Kyle Marshall

Year 2

I am Kyle and I'm in year 2. I will be a good councillor for my class because I  like to help my friends and I am good at making decisions.



 Lailah-Rae Beasley

Year 2


 Dexter Fox-Wilkinson

Year 1

My name is Dexter, I wanted to be a councillor to help make decisions in school.

Skyla-Jo Hough

Year 1

 I am Sklya, I am 6 years old. I wanted to be a school councillor because I am helpful and like new ideas.